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You may think that once you’ve been convicted of a crime, your record is permanently marred. Fortunately, that’s not the case. You can pursue expungement of a criminal conviction with the help of an experienced Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer. When a criminal charge is expunged, it makes it as though the conviction never even happened.

If you’re a first-time offender, you can start a case to have a criminal conviction expunged - this is essentially the process of re-opening and dismissing a crime, so it will not appear as a conviction on your public background check. Expunging your record can help you get your life back and be able to:

  • Obtain a job
  • Find housing
  • Get into school
  • Gain a professional license

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Guidance from Our Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyer

To work through the expungement process, you need a skilled and experienced Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer on your side. The process involves filing petitions with the California court that include details about the case and the reasons you are seeking expungement.

In order to have a misdemeanor or felony expunged in California, you must:

  • Not be on probation. If you had a probation period, you must serve it fully before you may have a charge expunged.
  • Not have served any time in a state prison. If you've served any time in a state prison, you are not able to have a charge expunged.
  • Not be facing another charge. You cannot have a charge expunged if you are currently facing another charge.

Certain types of crimes cannot be expunged, such as crimes that required you to serve a sentence in state prison, certain serious vehicle code violations, and serious sex offenses committed against children.

Manshoory Law Group, APC Can File Your Expungement Petition

If you’re ready to finally put that criminal conviction behind you for good, Manshoory Law Group, APC can help. We only do criminal defense, so you know that our focus is entirely on helping you with your case.

What’s more, our Los Angeles expungement attorneys pride ourselves on our excellent communication with our clients. We are available for questions 24/7 and we will make sure you are aware of every step in your expungement process.

If you’re ready for a brighter future, contact us for a
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